About Us

Welcome to Spark and Spoon!

Spark and Spoon started out in October 2017 in Toronto, Canada as a personal cooking blog, with the simple goal of encouraging busy folks, like parents and young professionals, to cook regularly at home.

"Spark" stands for passion or interest, and "Spoon" is for execution!

Spark and Spoon


We have since evolved into an online store, offering small cooking tools and accessories that make a wonderful kitchen helper, to make the home chef’s life in the kitchen easier! We also continue to publish blog posts to serve up home-cooking tips, easy-to-make recipes, and in general, chatter about making good food at home.


Our online store product catalog are focused on offering:

  • Cooking tools and accessories to help novice cooks equip their kitchen with a basic cooking toolkit, as well as evolving home chefs with more advanced tools, to make cooking and entertaining at home easier and more fun.  
  • Giftable Things to delight kids and the young-at-heart with gift-worthy/seasonal  products for dining and kitchen use.


We’d love to hear from you! Please feel free to send us your comments, suggestions or questions at sparkandspoon@gmail.com.


Thank you for visiting us!