The Best Way to Store and Decant Olive Oil

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Olive oil is one of the many types of oils that is highly versatile. It’s great for cooking (on the stove or in the oven), making salad dressing, dipping bread, and so on. Many folks choose to buy olive oil in bulk containers or large bottles to always have it in stock, and for economical reasons. In such cases, what’s the best way to store olive oil to keep it from becoming stale and minimize waste whenever it’s used?  

This is where the use of cruet come in handy. They’re typically a small flat-bottomed container, made of different materials like metal or glass, with a spout or a small lip, designed to control the pouring of the liquid inside. In the culinary world, cruets are typically used to store and decant liquid condiments such as olive oil or balsamic vinegar.

There’s also an aesthetic side to it. Cruets range in design from basic to highly decorative. If you’re the type of home chef who likes to use olive oil in cooking and as a condiment left on the dinner table for guests to help themselves to, and if you care about the appearance of your kitchen and dinner table, then choosing a functional as well as nice looking cruet or olive oil bottle would be the way to go! Check out our elegant-looking olive oil bottle.


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